lundi 28 mai 2012


As I already told you, I had the chance to make a fabulous trip in Bali for two weeks on holidays. 
The first day, we visited the south of the island, Jimbaran and the beautiful peninsula of Bukit
With the jetlag and the heat of the sun, I opted for a casual look with citrus fruits colours !  
We was absolutely enchanted to arrive in the splendid and wild Balangan beach and Padang beach.
The south has the best views, especially on the amazing cliff of Ulu Watu, where you can have a drink in a lot of cafés with charming terraces, or visit a nice temple with monkeys. 
To finish this perfect day, nothing better than sunset with fresh fish on Jimbaran beach !

Balangan Beach

Padang Beach

Ulu Watu Cliff

Ulu Watu Temple

Jimbaran Beach

I wear bikini top, top, short, 
bag and necklace H&M
sunglasses Dazed'n Confused
jelly sandals Office

 "Hex Girlfriend" Neon Indian (2012)

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