mercredi 11 avril 2012


Marine Neuilly is a french songwitter, composer and singer born in 1987. 
She was guitarist in the all-female french rock band The Plastiscines, for two albums during 6 years. 
In 2008, the band performed in Coachella Festival, and in 2009 they appeared in an episod of the serie Gossip Girl to play the single "Bitch"Her fashion signature is headbands and her long hairs with a fringe.
In 2011, Marine decided to leave the band to live new musical adventures, and formed a new band with her boyfriend Fabien Garcia. Tropical Revolver is born.
The video of the first single "Amoureux transi" is a mystical delirium around a mysterious cult of the most beautiful fruit, the pineapple.
Perfectly according to summer trends and to my next collection !

Marine with The Plastiscines

Tropic Revolver

"Amoureux transi" Tropic Revolver (2012)

"Bitch" Plastiscines (2009)

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