jeudi 5 janvier 2012


Ashley Smith is a young Texan who made a remarkable entry into the world of modelling. 
With her surprising 32D bust and gap-teeth, she isn’t afraid of shaking up established fashion ideals.  Born in America in 1991, she's like the american Brigitte Bardot with a touch of trash  ! 
She inspired the photographer Jason Lee Parry for a short fashion film " Queen of the Road ", a sunny road trip for Oyster Magazine issue 96. Ashley is carefree and natural in a casual grunge style.
To celebrate it’s new formula, the French magazine Jalouse appeals to Matthew Frost to direct a brilliant little film “Une Fille Comme Les Autres”. The movie is a commentary on fashion film cliches and the heroine is Ashley Smith a fresh it-girl.
Here are my favorite pictures and the two videos !

 Vogue Turkey

Vogue Italy

"Queen on the road" by Jason Lee Parry

"Queen on the road" directed by Gandja Monteiro

Jalouse Magazine "Une Fille Comme Les Autres" by Mathiew Frost

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