vendredi 9 décembre 2011


This year, Karl Lagerfeld imagined the Chanel Métiers d'Arts collection on the theme Paris-Bombayto honour the work of the craftspeople, who make Chanel happen, including the recently passed François Lesage (hence the name, Métiers d'Art).
Karl has never been to India. "It's much more inspiring not to go to places than to go," he said today after a Chanel presentation that spectacularly evoked the sights, smells, and sounds of the last days of the Raj.
Fruits, tea, Indian lassis, champagne, sweets, patisseries and flowers on a fashion show ?!? What a surprise !  
A sense of palatial excess and opulence contrasted with the difficult economic times.
All details were perfection and elegance, sophisticated pearls embroideries, flashy indian pink woolens, metallic and glittery saris, gold and silver jewelry and precious mosaic bags.
"It's all about refinement. It's the Paris version of the idea of India," explained Karl. 
The theme was a reminder that Europe's fashion industry has increasingly turned to India to produce extravagantly handworked pieces as it has become prohibitively expensive to make them at home. Lagerfeld's fiendish plan was to flip the equation, so that everything that looked intricately Indian was actually made by Chanel's ateliers in Paris. That was some kind of tour de force.
I would have killed to be there !


Chanel Paris-Bombay Métiers d'Art
Pre Fall 2012

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