jeudi 1 septembre 2011


Melancholia, the last movie by Lars Von Trier is brilliant, especially the two heroines Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg. 
They play two opposite sisters, the dark and the blond-haired, but they have the same fragility in front of the appocalypse. 
Two beautiful actresses !
I love the mustard draped dress weared by Kirsten Dunst at Cannes Festival.
Kirsten Dunst pictures are the Band of Outsiders spring 2011 lookbook, polaroids are so cute and charming.
Charlotte Gainsbourg just revealed her first single "Terrible angel" from her next album which will be launch the 7 november 2011. It sounds like Goldfrapp. Love it !

♫ "Terrible angel" Charlotte Gainsbourg (2011)

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